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Smart Film & Glass in Hospital

Smart film and glass at Hospital

Switchable glass technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, offering a range of benefits over traditional hospital curtains. Hospital-acquired infections are a major concern in medical facilities, with one out of every twenty-five patients in the United States affected by HAIs. Many bacteria concentrate on traditional fabric curtains, which are difficult to clean and harbor germs.

Smart glass offers an innovative solution to this problem, with state-of-the-art antibacterial properties that make it ideal for medical centers. Dynamic glass variants are extremely hygienic, easy to clean, and can even be operated using voice commands, wall switches, or remote controls.

In addition to reducing the risk of HAIs, smart glass allows for the penetration of natural light, which has been shown to improve patient outcomes. A study on the benefits of daylight in healthcare buildings found that allowing daylight to pass through and fill the medical space can reduce the average length of hospital stay, promote quicker post-operative recovery, reduce requirements for pain relief, and provide disinfectant qualities.

Smart film and glass at Hospital

Electronic glass changes form instantly, from clear to frosted and vice versa, providing patients and nurses with the ability to adjust privacy and lighting conditions quickly and efficiently. This creates larger spaces and a pleasant recovery area for both patients and healthcare workers.

Smart glass technologies also offer a reduction in energy costs by maximizing the availability of light, reducing heat transfer, and simplifying cleaning and disinfection processes.

If you already have glass in your medical facility, retrofitting it with a self-adhesive smart film is a perfect solution. This film can enhance your existing glass by providing privacy on demand, while eliminating the need for traditional curtains and blinds. It’s time to transform your medical space and reap the benefits of this revolutionary innovation in the field of glass.

Smart film and glass at Hospital

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  1. Lim says:

    wow, looks so premium..
    How much price?

    1. Supply and installation smart film price RM99/sqft. (price different depending on site situation).
      You can WhatsApp us at +60 12-510 0521 for more information

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