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Witness the Innovation: Discover the Transformation of This Home Entrance with Smart Film

Smart film at kepong

Explore the Evolution of Unveiling the Metamorphosis of an Ordinary Glass Entrance with Smart Film

Immerse yourself in the story of how ordinary glass turned extraordinary with the magic of smart film, revolutionizing privacy, security, natural light, and enchantment for guests in this rental haven. Smart film transcends spaces, crafting exceptional and unforgettable moments.

Ong Brothers, ISO 9001 Certified Partner for Professional Solutions. When they sought to elevate their office in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, they turned to Bakti Teknologi (Sun Barrier) for cutting-edge smart film installation. We delivered unparalleled quality smart film and service at an exceptionally competitive price—the most affordable in Malaysia. The outcome? Ecstatic clients whose workspace now exudes an ultra-modern allure. Cheers to Bakti Teknologi (Sun Barrier) for revolutionizing with Smart Film solutions!

Witness the live performance of Ong Brothers’s vision through this captivating video:

Smart film, also recognized as switchable film, is an avant-garde marvel that metamorphoses mundane glass surfaces into a symphony of seclusion, daylight diffusion, and fortified security. Comprising a layer of liquid crystal molecules responsive to electrical currents, the film orchestrates a visual ballet. Activating the current renders the film transparent, orchestrating an influx of natural radiance. When the current hushes, the film cloaks itself in opacity, a safeguard of privacy and sanctuary.

The treasury of benefits bestowed by smart film installation in your abode is manifold:

Privacy: Elevating the paramount, smart film emanates unparalleled privacy. With a single command, your glass expanse transitions from see-through to secluded, cocooning your haven from prying gazes. Especially pertinent for abodes enmeshed in bustling locales, facing thoroughfares or sidewalk gazes.

Natural Light: Smart film bridges the chasm between welcoming natural luminance and safeguarded solitude. Amid the modish architectures, extensive windows are the crown jewels; however, they occasionally court the glare of excessive sunlight. Enter smart film, the maestro of luminosity modulation. The dance between transparency and opaqueness manages the glare and invites two-thirds of daylight, effusing an ambiance of resplendence.

Security: The aegis of security acquires an augmented stratum through smart film. A flicker of transition renders windows and portals impervious to prying gazes, a deterrent against the ill-intentioned. When entwined with a security system, the film orchestrates an automatic defense in break-in scenarios, discouraging intrusion.

Novelty: Prepare to be awe-struck! Smart film is the archetype of astonishment. The installation woos guests, enfolding your domain in a cloak of futuristic splendor. The dialogue-starter, a jewel in the tapestry of modernity, cements your dwelling as an iridescent gem among the mundane.

In summation, smart film, a vanguard of innovation, unfurls a panorama of utilitarian marvels. From privacy’s caress to daylight’s embrace, security’s vigilant sentinel to novelty’s allure, this marvel redefines contemporary domiciles.

Eager to emboss your dwelling with the imprint of smart film or smart glass? Initiate the journey today, as we materialize your dreams into tangible artistry.

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