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What is Smart Glass?

smart glass
smart glass


Smart glass, also known as switchable glass or privacy glass, is a type of glass that can change its transparency or opacity when an electrical current is applied. This technology is achieved by either embedding a layer of liquid crystal material or using electrochromic or suspended particle device (SPD) technology.

On the other hand, smart film, also known as switchable film, is a thin film that can be applied to existing glass surfaces to make them switchable. It works similarly to smart glass by changing its transparency when an electric current is applied.

The main differences between smart film and smart glass:

  1. Installation process: Smart film is a retrofit solution that can be easily applied to existing glass surfaces. In contrast, smart glass is integrated into the manufacturing process of glass panels and cannot be retrofitted.
  2. Cost: Smart glass is generally more expensive than smart film due to the manufacturing process and the need for specialized installation. Smart film, on the other hand, is a cost-effective alternative as it can be applied to existing glass surfaces.
  3. Customization: Smart film offers a greater level of customization compared to smart glass. With smart film, it is possible to cut the film to fit any shape or size of glass, making it suitable for irregularly shaped surfaces. Smart glass, on the other hand, is limited to standard glass panel sizes.
  4. Control options: Smart film and smart glass have different control options. Smart film can be controlled using a remote control or a smartphone app, while smart glass typically requires a hardwired control system.

The features and advantages of smart glass include:

  1. Privacy control: Smart glass provides instant privacy on demand by switching from transparent to opaque.
  2. Energy savings: Smart glass can help reduce energy consumption by blocking UV rays and reducing the amount of heat entering a building.
  3. Improved aesthetics: Smart glass provides a sleek and modern look to any space while also providing an unobstructed view.
  4. Low maintenance: Smart glass requires minimal maintenance and can last for many years with proper care.

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